Getting a fresh start with 4-H

Angela Galloway 4-H Facts

January 9, 2014

The year 2014 has begun and you made a resolution — maybe to eat healthier, get more sleep, take more vacations, spend more time with your family, quit smoking or pack your own lunch for work. I am sure the list goes on. One thing you may have omitted to add to your resolution is 4-H. I am going to share with your some ideas to get your new year off to a new start.

It is important to give back. As we know, it improves the lives of others and gives us satisfaction that as a human race, we can be selfless to support each other.

Idea No.1: Offer a skill. You are skilled or have experience in something — what is it? Maybe it is photography, sewing, woodcraftsman, camping or outdoor activities, cooking, physical fitness, design, arts and crafts, knitting, canning or gardening. Offer that skill to share with others. I guarantee it will be well worth it and you will be amazed how much you enjoy sharing.

Idea No. 2: Pen us into your calendar. The 4-H calendar (January-May) has been posted onto our website at Call or email and ask to help with an activity. If you do not see anything in your area of experience, then please share something so that we may add it to the calendar.

Idea No. 3: Be a role model. Children imitate what they see their parents and other adults doing. Jjoin the 4-H revolution of responsibility by offering one hour a month or more. Help to organize an event for the community or attend 4-H activities with your children.

Idea No. 4. Don’t do it alone. There are several choices we make in life and commit to on a daily basis, such as going to work every day. Many people are reluctant to offer time because he or she believes it will be a solo act. This is not the case — 4-H is your support system. You can also bring an adult friend or responsible teen to help.

I challenge you to put 4-H on that resolution list. As 4-H continues to carve activities into an overloaded calendar and search for opportunities to share with Scotland County youth, we need the assistance of caring adults and teens. Join today. Email me at or call me at 910-277-2422.

Angela Galloway is an extension agent for the North Carolina Cooperative Extension in Scotland County.