Cycling pastor makes pit stop in Laurinburg

Abbi Overfelt Editor

December 19, 2013

LAURINBURG — A pastor on a mission to bless every home he passes on a 2,500-mile trip brought his prayers to Laurinburg on Thursday as he rode his self-contained solo traveling bicycle through the city of 15,000.

Carl Lussier made an overnight stop at The Word of Life Assembly of God after a day of riding headlong into winds. The stop marked 1,216 miles the 60-year-old has traveled since he started his journey in Fort Kent, Maine, on Nov. 16.

Lussier has seen sleet, snow, rain and high winds on his ride through cities along the east coast, but what he most values is the quiet time he’s spent in meditation with the Lord.

“It’s kind of a wilderness experience,” he said. “… The toughest part is being away from family through the holidays.”

So why take the ride now, when time with loved seems most valued?

“Everyone’s talking about Christmas, and happy holidays, but I want to remember to keep Christ in Christmas. … I’m asking people to pray along with me, not to be intrusive and not to invade people’s lives but to open their eyes to the truth and to God before they vote on him,” he said with a laugh.

The idea for the ride began with Lussier taking short breaks during time spent on the road with his traveling children’s ministry, KidzTurn. As he would ride his bicycle, his thoughts would wander to the unknown people who spent their lives inside the homes he passed along the way. Eventually, “the Lord began to speak” to Lassier, and he began praying as he pedaled.

Before this trip, which will extend to the end of U.S. 1 in Key West, Fla., the longest distance Lussier had traveled by bicycle was 424 miles. God, he says, has spoken to him all the way.

“I call this the journey,” he said. “I started at the beginning of Route 1 and I’m ending on Route 1 in Key West. Just like God is the beginning and the end — the Alpha and Omega. What lies in between is the journey for all of us.

“It’s all about the journey, and what I’m seeing along the way, and what I feel the Lord is showing me is life is that way for a lot of people. It has its ups and downs and trials and tests and the key is to overcome them all.”

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