Pilot Club thanks its sponsors, those who bought luminaries

By Abbi Overfelt

December 16, 2013

To the editor:

The Pilot Club of Laurinburg regrets the cancellation of its Christmas Luminary Display due to heavy rain on Saturday night.

If you purchased a luminary and would like one of the printed brochures with each name listed, please contact any member of the Pilot Club or Rebecca Brooks at 910-280-0768. The Pilot Club wishes to thank all who purchased luminaries or contributed as one of the sponsors. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Pilot Club of Laurinburg is committed to improving the lives of those with brain injuries or disorders. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to support community projects including the Alzheimer’s Support Group, Austism Enhancement Program, Adopt a Classroom with Autistic Students, BrainMinders in the Elementary Schools, Stroke Awareness, Vial of Life and the Scotland High School Anchor Club.

Rebecca Brooks, Luminary Chair

Pilot Club of Laurinburg