City man grateful to hospice for treatment of loved one

By Abbi Overfelt

November 18, 2013

To the editor:

I truly appreciate David Hibbard’s Nov. 15 guest column, “Dispelling myths about hospice.” It was well-written, but he included only one compliment to the hospice management and staff. Of course, being the Director of Public Relations, I understand why he might be hesitant to “toot” he and his counterparts’ own “horn.” So please allow me that privilege, and it truly is a privilege!

I have spent many hours at Morrison Manor visiting friends and relatives. I spent seven weeks around the clock there, watching the not just exceptional professional care, but the compassionate 24-7 care my dear loved one received during her last weeks here on Earth. I observed something that may seem like another myth, but in my opinion, the members of the management and staff at Hospice of Scotland County may be more than human — they just may be angels on loan from heaven.

Robert C. Currie