Dunbar named RCC’s Citizen of the Year

Andy Cagle

November 1, 2013

HAMELT — Wade S. Dunbar III of Laurinburg was named the Richmond Community College Foundation’s Citizen of the Year at a recent banquet at the Robert L. and Elizabeth S. Cole Auditorium. The words of Dunbar’s daughter Elizabeth and friend Hew Fulton painted a picture of a man whose service to his community is only rivaled by his commitment to his family.

In her introduction of her father, Elizabeth Dunbar praised her father for providing her with a role model for the type of adult she wants to be.

“You can see what a good man my dad is through the values he has instilled in me,” she said. “My dad has always taught me you must work to get what you want. And sometimes you do not always get what you want. He is dedicated and puts his all in everything that he does. He tries not to spoil me so I do not get use to everything being handed to me. His work ethic is 100 percent and I hope to be as hard working as he is.”

Dunbar has served on the RCC Foundation Board of Directors for nearly a decade and has served on the executive committee as secretary, vice president, president and past president. In addition to his service to RCC, Dunbar has also served on the Board of North Carolina Independent Insurance Agents, the Scotland County Historical Society, United Way, Red Cross and Ducks Unlimited. He is very active in the Boy Scouts and received the Silver Beaver Award in 2008. Dunbar and his wife Beth have two children, Stafford and Elizabeth and are active members of the First Methodist Church of Laurinburg.

For Fulton, Dunbar’s commitment to the Scotland and Richmond County community is unparalleled.

“As his business grew to include offices in many states, you would have expected him to move to a more urban area,” Fulton said, “but that’s not Wade. He has deep roots here and is committed to being a part of the community.

“(Wade’s) business is a reflection of his values and the values of our community. This award is not only for his actions to better Richmond and Scotland Counties, but also for his commitment to their continued economic viability.”

RCC President Dr. Dale McInnis also praised Dunbar for his many civic endeavors.

“When the time came to meet on the nominations for this year’s citizen of the year award, one name was offered and the nominations were immediately closed, because everyone knew they had the right person identified,” said McInnis. “If Wade never helped RCC, his other civic service to his community would earn him recognition and praise. Whether it has been through Rotary, the Boy Scouts, or all the charities and groups that call on him for support, Wade always comes through.”

“To be recognized by such a prestigious group of people is an honor,” said Dunbar. “It is a humbling experience. But this is more about what we can do together instead of me. This college has been such a positive to the people of Scotland and Richmond counties and together we can help it touch the lives of more people.”

Foundation President Patrick Chappell also recognized six new Foundation Directors who will be serving for the first time this year at Tuesday’s banquet: Shirley Fuller, Joyce McDow, J.C. Lamm, Roger Staley, Frank Jenkins, and Ron Riggins. Chappell also introduced the 2013-14 foundation officers: Lee Howell, Vice President; Wiley Mabe, Treasurer; Wade Dunbar III, Secretary; John Garner, Richmond County At-Large; David Burns, Scotland County At-Large; and G.R. Kindley, Past President.

Andy Cagle is the director of Marketing and Communications at Richmond Community College.