Fathers can make the difference

George Ellis The Pastor’s Corner

October 31, 2013

When man stepped out of his role as head of creation the world spiraled out of control.

Remember in Genesis 3:6, it was not when Eve ate the forbidden fruit that their eyes came open, but it was when she gave to Adam and he ate that their eyes came open, and they knew that they were naked. Plus, what Adam did, just did not affect him, but it affected the whole human race; and the whole creation — for nature and every other created thing was affected by what man did (Genesis 3:17,18).

Firstly, Eve got ahead of Adam and was deceived by the serpent Satan; secondly, the command was given to Adam and not to Eve. If he had seized his role of authority and stayed in his place the world would not have been thrust into sin.

I want to say to us men and fathers, that as long as we function in the role that God has called us to we cause our families to be blessed, as well as others that are around us, and God will give us favor. Men, see how when man did the right thing he was in the presence of God? There was fellowship between God and man. Look at his role; he has authority over all of God’s creation. In Genesis 2:19 God brought every animal and every bird to Adam to see what he wanted to name it: and whatever Adam called every living creature that’s what its name was. The garden and the world were in perfect harmony because man was in his rightful place and everything was blessed because of him. But what happened?

And not only then, but now? Even in our fallen state why is the community and the world in such bad shape? It’s because man moved away from his place, Satan got a foothold in the institution of the home and it has been chaos ever since. But my prayer today and my assignment is to “empower” the man and the father so that we can take our place back and change a generation, a community, and a nation.