Pair of students earn black belts

Staff report

October 25, 2013

LAURINBURG — Two students of Morrison’s Martial Arts Academy of Tae-Kwon-Do recently earned their junior black belts after over four years of training.

Sarah Bowman of Rockingham and Tyryn Terry of Laurinburg were both examined under Master Instructor Mike Durkins at an exam held at Morrison’s Academy. The junior black belt exam comprised of demonstrating requirements from the first day of start (white belt) all the way through black belt material.

The students were judged on presentation, questions, knowledge and physical skills such as the traditional tae-kwon-do forms which are choreographed movements designed for imaginary practice fighting. There were a total of nine forms. The two students also performed one-steps, which allow them to defend themselves against a single-punch attack.

Three-step sparring was another component. It requires defending against multiple-punch attacks. Self-defense against a weapon and without was also examined. The final task to be completed on exam is wood breaking to demonstrate the students’ focus, power, balance, movement, timing and accuracy.

Sa-bum Kenny Morrison said he was proud of the students’ performances.

“The students performed well and were very pleased with the outcome. Both Sarah (Bowman) and Tyryn (Terry) stated they would like to continue training and growing in the martial arts. I’m very proud of the student’s work on the floor and the opportunity to have trained them,” Morrison said.