Fluffy felines double as fighters of the undead

Rachel McAuley Staff writer

October 18, 2013

LAURINBURG — Animal shelters and rescues across the state are introducing zombie-repellent cats and kittens to keep those pesky undead humans out of your yard during the Halloween season.

This month, the Scotland County Humane Society is partnering up with Wake County’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to market the campaign “Zombie Repellent Kittens.”

“We never know where or when the zombie apocalypse will occur. It’s best to protect your family by adopting a cat or kitten from a shelter near you,” said Darci VanderSlik, spokeswoman for SPCA. “Since no animal shelter in North Carolina has ever been attacked by zombies and all shelters have cats and kittens, there is a link. We feel it is a public service to provide fellow North Carolinians with this important survival information.”

The SPCA of Wake County’s goal is to grab the attention of potential adoptive families to help increase the chance of cats and kittens in North Carolina to be adopted. They have been reaching out to shelters all across North Carolina and the JD and Fran Asher Animal Shelter of Laurinburg is one of many that have joined the campaign.

Melinda McMillan, Director at the JD and Fran Asher Animal Shelter, said that when it comes to adoption, cats “move at a much slower pace.”

In August, the most recent month for which statistics are available, 69 percent of the 84 dogs taken in by the shelter were adopted; but only 38.8 percent of 67 cats were adopted.

After filling out an application to adopt, McMillan said that the shelter checks for vet references, landlords, past pets and anything else that can help confirm if an applicant is eligible to adopt.

“If everything’s good once they’re approved, they can come in and meet and greet the cat of their choice,” McMillan said. “We like to place our cats in indoor homes.”

However, McMillan said that sometimes it’s best for a cat to be able to live outside and run around a huge farm.

If approved to adopt, dogs can be taken home for $90 and cats for $50 at the shelter. During this campaign, which ends Oct. 31, cats can be taken home for $35. All of the prices for the adopted animals include spay or neuter, rabies, vaccination and a microchip.

Because zombies have become such a huge trend within pop culture, shelters are taking advantage of its popularity to find homes for the thousands of homeless cats and kittens waiting to be adopted.

The SPCA has been dedicated to creating a more humane community so that every adoptable animal will end up in a safe and loving home. They believe that the more families that know about the “Zombie Repellent Kittens” campaign the more successful it will be.

To contact the JD and Fran Asher Animal Shelter, call (910) 276-9271 and to learn more about the campaign and to get a complete list of participating shelters and rescues, visit SPCA’s website at