Group raises money for town building

Mary Katherine Murphy Staff Writer

October 1, 2013

EAST LAURINBURG —East Laurinburg’s municipal building will be getting a face lift this month thanks to money raised during the town’s Spring Fest.

During the town council’s regular meeting on Tuesday, Finance Director Lily Pittman, also a member of the E.L. Fundraisers’ steering committee, obtained the board’s permission to have the building’s exterior pressure washed and repainted.

“We got to noticing that the paint was peeling off and it’s not as appealing as we’d like it to be; it was just starting to look run-down,” said Pittman. “Several people made comments, and we do rent this building out for social events.”

The fundraising group organizes East Laurinburg’s annual Spring Fest, and directs proceeds from vendor fees to supporting town projects.

“There are several little things that we’ve done where the town really didn’t have the money to pay for it, but with our fundraising events that go on, we had the funding and we could step in and assist the town,” Pittman said.

At an estimate cost of $2,086, Laurinburg’s J. Stone Services will pressure-wash the building’s exterior to remove mold, mildew, and loose paint from previous painting as well as caulk around windows, re-glaze windows as needed, prime metal window frames to stop rust, and prime wood trim at doors as necessary.

Pittman said that most of the work will be done by Nov. 5, when the building will be used as a voting precinct in municipal elections.

In other business, Mayor Harry Pittman informed the board that the Laurinburg’s Public Works Department will be taking charge of repairs to East Laurinburg’s McKay Street bridge.

“What’s happened is the bridge on the south side, the earthen embankment is giving way,” said Pittman. “The state DOT came down and looked at it and said it’s not their responsibility. It’s still safe to travel, it’s just that they noticed that with all the rain we had here in the last couple of months was actually starting to eat away at it.”

Citing lack of town funds, Pittman conferred with Laurinburg Public Utilities Director Stacey McQuage, who with City Manager Charles Nichols determined that the city will perform the needed work on the bridge. No start date for that project was given.

The board also approved a change in its November meeting date from Nov. 5 to Nov. 12, so as not to interfere with municipal elections.