Letter: Proven method

September 3, 2013

To the editor:

Much has been written about the great burden it would be to have to present a photo identification to vote. I believe that a photo ID is the time proven method of proving you are who you say you are.

And a valid photo identification is required for the following: I will make a short list as I am only allowed 400 words in this letter.

To adopt a pet, purchase a home, automobile, or a gun. Obtain a bank account, credit card or a passport. Apply for a loan to purchase anything. To prove your age. To get…married, drive, medical care, on a plane, insurance on anything, a job, a post office box, a hunting licenses, a fishing licenses. To cash a paycheck. Rent an apartment, hotel room, a car, furniture, tools and equipment. Receive welfare, social security or food stamps. Buy cigarettes, alcohol, a bus ticket, any antihistimine, or a parking pass at a college. Establish a utilities account. Pick up a package from the Post Office or pick up a prescription. To donate blood. Open a retirement account. Applying for a professional licenses.

Having some form of photo identification is essential today in our world. You must be able to prove you are who you say you are in countless situations.

Why do liberals and their ilk repeat the mantra that it is racists to require identification to vote? By their logic all the things I have listed here, as well as those I have failed to mention that require a photo ID to participate in are racists.

The voter ID verification laws have disrupted the well orchestrated plans of the democrats, who have set up innumerable ways on their behalf to cast illegal votes and to steal as many elections as possible through voter fraud.

Does anyone remember ACORN in 2008?

I do.

Until recently there was one thing you do not need a photo ID for: To vote.

Politics…poly from the Greek word “polys” meaning many, ticks are bloodsucking parasites. I will leave it for you dear reader to figure out what politicians are.

Gray Ammons