Letter: Stand up

August 29, 2013

To the editor:

I was born in Scotland County and raised all my children and some of my grandchildren here. I graduated from Laurinburg High School in l956 and love telling people that my hometown is Laurinburg.

I just read the article Mr. Hassler submitted to the Laurinburg Exchange and I too am really upset and heartbroken to know that my local taxes don’t carry much weight in deciding how the money is spent. What about the children who have ADHD and have to sit in classes where the teacher cannot get control of the classroom. It is difficult for these students to stay focused and when there is chatter going on around them it is harder.

I think our biggest problem is that the people who have control of the money have too much power and those that are friends of theirs are too afraid to speak up and ask why so much money is spent on administration and their benefits and not enough money to run our schools so everyone has a chance to get a quality education. We don’t ask enough questions and when we do, we get a run around. Afew years ago, we appeared before the school board with a problem. We were laughed at and some even turned their backs on us. We are tax payers but until we stand up and fight, we will not ever know the real truth about how our money is being spent.

Grace Long Russo